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  • Ondra Mayfield
    General Manager

    22 Years Experience

    Interests: Golfing and the automotive industry
    I Like: Simplifying the auto-buying process & putting a smile on everyone's face.

  • Jeremiah Hupka
    General Sales Manager

    18 Years Experience

    Interests: Scuba Diving and Farming
    I Like: Meeting and helping people

  • Raymond Robinson
    Sales Director

    30 Years Experience

    Interests: Home Improvement, Sports
    I Like: Being able to assist people in getting vehicles they thought might not be possible.

  • Cary Rose
    Executive Manager

    20 Years Experience
    15 Years in Automotive Management

    Interests: Video games, comedies and problem solving

  • Kristina Melendy
    Business Director

    26 Years Experience

    Interests: I love cooking, NHRA, and the Eagles!
    I Like: I love helping everyone.

  • Kevin Burwell
    Business Manager

    7 Years Experience

    Interests: Watching football and hanging with my family.
    I Like: I love everything about this business!

  • Audriena Depalma
    Business Manager

    6 Years Experience

    Interests: Spending time with my friends & family, watching movies & reading
    I Like: I love working with people and making everyone happy.

  • Michael Mackey
    Used Car Manager

    22 Years Experience

    Interests: Hiking and hanging with my wife.
    I Like: I love seeing all types of cars.

  • Michael Errico
    Asst. Used Car Manager

    10 Years Experience

    Interests: Going to Concerts
    I Like: I love working with family.

  • Lauren Johnson
    BDC Manager

    4 years Experience

    Interests: Working out & Reading

    I like: Spending time with my dog Jax & helping people get their dream car!

  • Howard McNamara
    Product Specialist

    10 Years Experience

    Interests: Hunting, reading, basketball
    I Like: Meeting needs with the best industry value.

  • Gina Kim
    Internet Product Specialist

    Brand new to the industry!

    Interests: cooking, walking my dogs and golf.

    I like: talking to new people every day in this industry

  • Sirtura Hornsby
    Delivery Manager

    2 Years Experience

    I Like: Love cars and helping people.

  • Sean M. Gibson
    Client Relations Manager

    5 Years Experience

    Interests: I love working on cars and making them go fast.
    I LikeI love solving problems.

  • Christina Kraidman
    Business Assistant

    Interests: Tanning and taking care of cats, and basketball.
    I Like: I enjoy making people smile.    

  • Brian Showers
    Sales Manager

    11 Years Experience

    Interests: Exercising, reading books, comedy shows.
    I Like: Getting to drive all the cars and meet the best people.

  • Anthony Calco
    Delivery Coordinator

    1 Year Experience

    Interests: Basketball, watching sports
    I Like: I love driving all the cars!

  • Ephraim Jones
    Digital Retail Manager

    Interests: Cooking and building things
    I Like: That every day is different than the day before.

  • Bruce Benedict
    Product Specialist

    5 Years Experience

    Interests: Football, working out & motorcycles

    I like: Helping people get the vehicle they like

  • Jim Sheridan
    Product Specialist

    28 Years Experience

    Interests: Golf, outdoor activities
    I Like: Helping people make an informed decision.

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Product Specialist

    25 Years Experience

    Interests: Boating, and fishing with my son. 
    I Like: Ex-Marine, movies, music, getting people into the vehicle they love. 

  • Jonnie Brown
    Product Specialist

    6 Years Experience
    Interests: Horseback riding, football, polo.
    I Like: 
    I just love working with people.

  • Kyle Dulock
    Product Specialist

    2 Years Experience
    Interests: Riding my motorcycle
    I Like: Meeting new challenges.

  • Karen Lignelli
    Product Specialist

    4 Years Experience

    Interests: Spending time with my kids and sports activities.
    I Like: I love meeting different people.

  • Sivakumar Halan
    Product Specialist

    10 Years Experience

    Interests: I love cars and going fast!
    I Like: I love the challenges this business brings.