Hyundai Zero Down Deals

Freehold Hyundai Zero Down Lease Deals

If you're shopping for a New Hyundai in the Freehold NJ area and want to get it with ZERO DOWN, you're in the right place! Freehold Hyundai is always ready to do a $0 Down on any new Hyundai in our inventory!!

Why Aren't Any Cars Marked 'Zero Down'?

You've seen our commercials and shopped our ads that say ZERO DOWN, but when you look around on our website, you're not seeing any cars with a Zero Down label. That's because every single model in our new vehicle inventory comes with the same deal! If every car was marked "special", it wouldn't be special - but it is! So we make it a point to make sure you know that when you choose a new Hyundai from Freehold Hyundai, not only can you be assured that you're getting a great automobile backed by America's Best Warranty, but you're also getting a great deal with as little out-of-pocket as possible!!

What Exactly Does 'Zero Down' Mean?

  • Zero down doesn't mean that no money is transferred between customer and dealership. You still have to pay fees, sales tax, and usually the first month's payment.
  • While Zero Down Deals are great for getting a new car when you don't have a lot saved up, be aware that the smaller your down payment is, the larger the difference between the capitalized cost and the residual you have to finance. That financed amount is subject to interest, so your total costs over the term of the contract may be higher than if you paid a down payment.
  • On the other hand...not paying as much up front has its advantages. In the unfortunate event of a total loss accident or theft of your leased vehicle, the lease contract terminates and you could lose any down payment you made on the car. There is much to consider when deciding upon the terms that best suit your situation. Talk with the Hyundai Financing Experts at Freehold Hyundai to see what will work best for you and your needs.

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