If you hit the road after a major snowstorm only to find your car shaking at higher speeds, you may not need a mechanic.  Car guru Jeremiah Hupka, General Sales Manager of Freehold Hyundai, offers an explanation. The shaking may be very alarming for some who don't know the cause, and may even lead you to stop at the mechanic on the way to work.  There is a fix and it may not be what you think.

The issue is snow and ice build up in the wheels which causes the tire or tires to become unbalanced.  This can be something as minor as a slight steering shake to feeling like the entire car is going shake apart and the wheels fall off.  Once the snow and ice melt off the rim from the heat of the day or driving the car should go back driving normal.  Some slightly obsessive drivers will go as far as to make sure the ice and snow is cleaned from between the spokes of the rim when they are done cleaning the rest of the car off.
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